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How do I open a Privat account?

It is very simple. We only need your personal data and documents. This includes your full name, email address, date of birth, and address. Official identifications and/or passport

How can I get my virtual card?

Very easy! You don’t have to request it, just open your bank account and you will automatically have your virtual card within your application.

How do I order my physical card?

Once your bank account and virtual card have been created, you can request your physical card from the facility of your app, where you will enter the address where we will send it to.

How would I receive money in my account?

You can receive any ACH or Wire Transfer.
ACH and Domestic wires if its inside the USA, and International Wires for outside transfers.

What type of transfers Privat offers?

Both ACH and wire transfers.
-ACH transfers
- Same Day
- 2-4 Business Day
- Wiretransfers

Domestic wire transfer-Senders may require a code or the recipient's branch number if they want to execute a transaction.International wire transfers -These payments require a routing or SWIFT code.

What would be the card transaction fees?

There are NO fees for using your card!The only charge that you could see reflected in your account statement is the exchange rate defined by Visa.

What are the opening costs and the minimum balance in the account?

There are no opening costs, it's FREE! NO minimum balance is required for your bank account.