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Privat is financial company, not a bank. We collaborate with a banking partner who possesses extensive expertise in payment technologies, client assistance, regulatory adherence, and compliance infrastructure to offer banking services.

Through our digital platform, you have the opportunity to access real-time financial services and maintain a US account, regardless of your residency status.

You can conveniently send and receive funds to your USD account, whether you are physically present within the United States or not.

Privat technologies Inc is a spinoff of the Binbit group.

Leading company in the development and distribution of mobile technology with more than 18 years of experience developing and coding mobile technology and a presence in the five continents, we have transformed our company to serve the next generation of business.

Our Mission

Our mission is to facilitate unbanked people by offering them new banking service that offers a superior customer experience.

Granting simple and instantaneous processes to open an instant bank account, following up with the bank compliance and regulations.

Agile and transparent, smooth onboarding, in-app features, etc.

US and Non-US residents looking for alternatives to traditional banking can benefit from our services, by opening a bank account from the comfort of a cell phone or computer.

We create our products thinking about tomorrow and practicality and simplicity of use — safe, fast, and always inspired services for our clients.

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