Industry leading
white-label personal
cloud solution
for businesses

Empowering your company by allowing to offer your customer base a cloud application that connects smartphones, tablets and computers under your company brand

Adaptable Storage Capacity

Privat can adapt to your needs and be flexible with the right storage plans, as well as business models


Automatic upload and synchronization of photos and videos simplifies the experience, allowing users to do more with less


Data will always be encrypted during transfer and at rest, so users can be comfortable with their content at all times

Sharing and Transfering

Users can transfer from an old device to a new device, as well as share links of their files with anyone

Why Privat Matters To Your Company

Zero Cost

Privat is a free service, positioning you in a great place to unlock a boost in customer satisfaction

Own Brand

White-label branded cloud solution allows to enhance brand awareness

Valuable Data

Retains mobile user's valuable personal data, making your company part of their life

Lock Ecosystem

Enable users to be part of your ecosystem, enhancing the overall brand experience boosting gratification

Loyalty Increase

Increases customer satisfaction, loyalty, and retention

High Innovation

Allows to compete in the cloud marketplace by offering a high-quality cloud service, exceeding storage capacity offering and redefining the traditional business model

Quick Implementation

Quick time-to-market implementation, allowing immediate results

Fast Adoption

Quick and high penetration of user adoption given the unique zero cost positioning

How Do Users Benefit